APPEX TECHNOLOGIES Appex technologies is one of the best training institute in Coi

APPEX TECHNOLOGIES Appex technologies is one of the best training institute in Coimbatore, Since for 10+ years. We offer various software courses such asAutomation testing, JAVA/J2EE, Python with Django, Digital marketing with SEO, Machine learning, Big data.Appex technologies has well trainedand experienced trainers in for each courses. We provide training for college students in various courses who are interested to do challenging roles and to develop their career in software, hardware and networking. Appex technologies is the best platform to develop your programming skills and technical skills. We are here to provide both theoretical and practical session for the courses. You can get certification in your desired courses after completion of the course. Trainers will provide support in giving materials. We are providing perfect placement assistance for our students. After finishing the syllabus, we will give you the training on interview point of questions. Course details: Class duration: 80 hours (it changes depends upon the course) Class type: Classroom and Online Weekdays batch: Monday - Friday Weekend batch: Saturday and Sunday KNOW ABOUT PHYTHON COURSE: Python is programming language which is founded by Guido van Rossum in the year of 1991. Python language is used for web development, software development, system scripting. Python has simple and easy syntax than other programming languages. Python has Full stack frameworks such as • Django framework helps you to develop secured websites. • CubicWeb framework builds web applications by reusing the components. • Giotto framework provides a platform for users to create applications for chat. • Pyramid framework is to develop applications with less complexity. • TurboGearsframework is to develop data-driven web applications and overcome the drawbacks of other python web application frameworks. • Dash is used to build analytical web-based applications. Python programming language works in • Finance sector, • Data analysis, • Data science, • Machine learning, • Automation, • Business, • Hacking etc. If you learn python, you can have job opportunities with good salary packages like • Python developer • Data analyst • Product manager • Educator • Data journalist • Financial analyst. Python have 137000 libraries. These libraries help in developing machine learning, data science, data visualization, image and data manipulation applications. Python plays a major role in Artificial intelligence coding language providing with frameworks like scikit. Many of the social media platforms like • Youtube in viewing video, count canonical data, • Instagram in backend process, • Pinterestuses python in speed of development, • Dropbox supports all OS and it has python code to repeat the code once and run it everywhere, • Amazonanalyzes their buying habits and search patterns with the help of python machine learning engine. • Facebook uses 21% of python in infrastructure’s codebase, • Yahoo finance, • NASAin projects range from research related to stars, planets, atmosphere, aeronautics, remote sensing. Are you interested in dealing or handling with big data, complex mathematics, developing software? Even beginners can learn it easily. Choose Appex technologies to learn basic to advanced concepts in python course. The experienced trainers will help you toincrease your capability. Appex technologies will provide you the required materials and guidance to improve your programming skills. Join Appex technologies for gaining 100% knowledge in python course.