Movable TV Stand

PRO LEGEND is a professional AV peripheral integrated device company. With ten years of experience in the entire global region, we are one of the best leaders in this business. With a variety of mounting options ranging from flat panel displays to fixed mounts, we understand the needs of our customers. We concentrated on the product's functionality, safety, installation requirements, quality, and aesthetics. Our PRO LEGEND Corporation has quickly developed to become one of the leading market leaders in the professional and consumer mounting sector in India, along with most of Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, since its beginning in 2010. Since then, PL has established itself as the industry's best pick. PL strives to provide you with the best mounts available every day. PRO LEGEND has long been one of India's leading manufacturers of professional TV mounts and stands. Our ultimate aim is to make clients aware of the various tools and resources that are required when starting a business. Tv stands from 10800 rs to 24500 rs were available in the shop.