M/s Scharf Automation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Digital Flow meters and Level Controllers and one of the most reliable and reputed company engaged in designing, manufacturing and supply of PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTS, widely used for chemical process in petrochemicals, power generation, drugs & pharmaceuticals, cements and almost all types of industries. Scharf Automation Metal Tube Rotameter or Gas Meter is generally for fluid flow measurement or instantaneous flow rate in clear liquids & also used in gases in general industrial applications for volumetric flow measurement. Metal Tube Rotameter's performance is outstanding when accuracy, quality & consistency in operation is concerned. The flowing media imparts a force on the float placed in-line, which thereby lifts at an elevation which is in direct proportion to the flow rate. This velocity is sensed by a sensor which is magnetically coupled to the float and converted to a digital signal by electronic front end, inside the instrument. Later on this digital signal is converted to flow rate to be indicated on the screen onboard. The on-board flow computer designed by Scharf Automation Engineering team, calculates and displays the flow-rate as well as totalized value of liquid or gas that has passed through the meter via pipeline within an accuracy of 2%. On request, we even provide an accuracy of 1.5% and better.