Srejonee Art And Creations

Srejonee brings to you the fascinating handicrafts’ heritage of erstwhile Bengal, which once stretched from the fertile river plains of Bihar till the highlands of Tripura and lower Burma. From ancient times and in our mythologies to pre-modern and current times people here have expressed their artistic souls through aesthetic items of their daily needs. This has given birth to a unique assortment of Indian handicrafts which is unrivalled. These artifacts in their vibrancy and exquisiteness have a defining purpose and identity of being, elevating themselves from just pieces of art. Srejonee opens the door to countless untold stories behind every handicraft you buy, which are handmade, authentic and curated with love from talented artisans and our in-house experts. All of our products are innovated to suit modern day living while celebrating the elegance & beauty of their legacy. When you buy from us, you not only help preserve century old traditions, but you indulge into a love story ecosystem built on fundamentals of Make in India, No Chemical Hazards-environment friendly, No Cruelty, Women Empowerment and Fair Trade.